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    Great Blue Heron visits American River, looking for Chinook Salmon coming home to spawn.

Do you need a writer who understands the language of nature?nature, natural world, language of nature

       Janice reveals powerful stories of people, places and purpose. She helps individuals and       organizations create a sense of place and belonging that inspires a concern for the natural world and leads to environmental stewardship.

Thoughtfully researched, clear and accurate content

Feature stories, fact sheets, brochures, interpretive writing, blogs, research, specialty publications and curriculum development engage your audience and meet organization goals for education and outreach.

 Personal experiences in nature’s outdoor classroom

Inspiring individuals to become the next generation of environmental stewards. Observe. Listen. Study. Find your own stories around sense of place in the wild or in your neighborhoodLearn how Janice’s techniques and strategies can help you develop a deeper relationship with the natural world.

  • Writing workshops, walks and weekend retreat for individuals and groups.
  • Nature Detectives programs, activities, walks, and stories in the wild, for youth and families.
Contact Janice at (916) 965-5246 or by email at outdoorjan@att.net to discuss your project needs.
Supporting  Save the American River Association. SARA