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    Marker describing MIddle Village at the mouth of Columbia River, once home to the Chinook tribe of Native Americans for thousands of years.

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                                         Janice Kelley makes it easy to navigate, understand and appreciate                                          the complex and curious language of the natural world.

Creates thoroughly researched, insightful, clear and concise content

Feature stories, fact sheets, brochures, interpretive writing, blogs, research, specialty publications and curriculum development to engage your audience and meet organization goals for education and outreach.

Presents Enriching Experiences in Nature Through Hands-on Learning and Guided Activities

Interpretive programs, games and stories in the wild, for youth and families to observe, listen, and study, designed to create more a meaningful relationship with the natural world – in the wild or in your neighborhood.  Programs specifically designed for schools, nature areas and youth organizations. Preview the Young Naturalist Program fact sheet here


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