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    Were gold miners the first competitive downhill skiers in the Western Hemisphere? Plumas Ski Club believe so. Posted in www.sierranevadageotourism.org to stimulate tourism and capture Gold Rush history of the region.

Programs ~ Services

Janice researches and develops written materials, in addition to leading interpretation and outreach programs, to help your audience develop meaningful relationships with the outdoor world, and your site or organization.  (Click here to reach Portfolio page)

Written Materials

          Interpretive writing for wayside panels, project research, interviews, feature stories, videos, fact sheets, blogs and specialty publications such as annual reports and calendars.   

Guided Walks and Stories

Applying the principles of guided inquiry, observation and storytelling to help deepen one’s understanding           of sense of place and purpose. Customized programs and activities for your site or organization.

Curriculum Development

Field-based experience lesson plans that meet Common Core educational standards for K-12.

Community Outreach & Engagement         

         Build community pride by engaging your audiences as partners working toward a shared goal.