John Muir National Historic Site Research & Field Trip Curriculum

John Muir, field trip curriculum, experience, schools, children, fourth grade, third grade“Nothing goes unrecorded. Every word of leaf and snowflake and particle of dew… as well as earthquake and avalanche, is written down in Nature’s book.”

John Muir National Historic Site research and field trip curriculum includes the following parts.

  • Land ownership history beginning with the original purchase of the ranch to its establishment as a national park.
  • History of early California agriculture and urbanization of Martinez (location of ranch).
  • Area demographics and related area resources and programs.
  • Historical profile of John Muir’s life, his connection to the Strentzel-Muir Ranch and description of the natural and cultural resources of the site. The profile is intended to be used as an orientation guide for docents and new interpretive staff.
  • Curriculum meets Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards 
    • Inquiry-based lessons to orient students to John Muir’s life,
    • Hands on opportunities for site-based field studies and thematic ranger led tours, and
    • Classroom and out of school projects that engage students in learning about community history and modern day Muirs; and practice advocacy and environmental stewardship.

Did you know?

John Muir has places and things named for him all over the world.