Rainsticks Really Sound Like Rain!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 7:15 am, 58 degrees

Despite the gentle rain, roosters are conducting their morning concert. They are still singing when I arrive. They crow hiding in trees from a distance of several blocks.

salmon, Canada Geese, American RiverPigeons circle the bridge. An egret begins its usual lone morning walk along the shore beginning at the boat ramp.  While standing at the boat launch ramp, my daughter and I see a goose with a cocked feather. We have seen this one before. We know these geese call this part of the river their home.

Ducks arrive quietly for their leisurely morning swim. Turkey vultures are sitting on the edge of branches at the tops of trees. Geese are busy eating the remains of a salmon. More Canada geese fly in. None of the waterfowl appear to notice the gentle rain as it falls on their backs and drops into the river.

My daughter says, “I know now how rainsticks get their name. The gentle rain we hear falling is the same sound we hear in a rainstick.

rain, raindropsWe stand on the boat ramp watching the wildlife at play. Ducks and geese flap their wings and stretch. They begin their morning grooming ritual. A seagull lands on a salmon hunt and we hear its characteristic call. Soft rain starts and stops. Ripples of water flow down the boat ramp. As the mist clears, we see salmon jump out of the water and quickly dive back down.

No walkers today. No cyclists. For now, everyone is staying out of the rain. Air feels crisp and clean. We wear jackets and stay dry. At 58 degrees, despite the drizzling rain, the air feels warm.