Relaxing in Morning Sun

Tuesday, June 20, 2017   7 am    70s?

On a day predicted to be 104 or above, morning on the river is cool and quiet.

Butterflies dance in the air. Birds twitteroh eeee, oh eeee.  Cyclists whizz by. Water rushes with rapids forming white caps as they roll over rocks. Hot sun already shines bright.  Water glistens with its sunny reflection.

Lizards greet the morning with pushups. Flexing their legs. Watching me. Slinking away.

Today I enjoy the stillness of the river.  Duck rest on a distant island. Views of the river channel as seen through a spider web. Two pigeons rest on the bridge frame. Others approach the bridge, sitting for two seconds on a cement pillar. A single Canada goose honks. Cyclist headlights flash as they approach the bridge. Bikes rumble as they cross.

morning sun, Canada Geese, relax, American River, morningToday Canada Geese are in no hurry, relaxing in the warm sun. They swim peacefully through the river toward the boat launch ramp. Tomorrow I will bring more grapes to feed them.

The cars on the Sunrise Blvd. bridge slow to a crawl. Birds fly above my head. Cloudless sky. The hot sun melted them away.

Cool breeze refreshes my skin as I ride. I feel hot and sticky skin standing in one place. Runners, walkers, cyclists arrive early to enjoy the day before it sizzles.