Sights on American River Parkway

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A collection of sights from morning and afternoon bike rides along the American River Parkway last week.

ducks, sleeping, mornings, Fair Oaks, American River, jim's bridge
Time for an afternoon nap. A third duck wanted to climb on the rock. It was quickly scolded by the other two ducks and sent away. “Get out of here. This rock is full. We want to take a nap!” in duck speak.
geese, ducks, seagull
Tracks in the sand at the river’s edge. Looks like Canada Geese were here.


woodpecker, telephone pole,
Woodpeckers are doing a lot of work on this telephone pole. Do they expect to find worms here?
From a bed of brown, dry weeds, leaves and grasses, emerges rows of beautiful bright-eyed pink flowers.
Great Blue Heron, patrol, American River, Fair Oaks Bridge
The Great Blue Heron flies in with its usual chortle and steps carefully as it patrols the riverbank searching for food.
tree trunk, American River, flood, debris
The American River is currently running very shallow all the way across. This debris (formerly a tree) is likely to have been uprooted during Winter 2017 flooding and making very slow progress down river.