Seagull Stakes a Claim

Monday, December 17, 2018  10 am  61 degrees

mornings, Fair Oaks Bridge, waterfowl, wildlife, American River, grass, morningsWhy does grass grows on Fair Oaks Bridge? Every winter I see new blades of grass emerge on both sides.Our weekend heavy rain wiped away all traces of spider webs on side rails. Hardly a thread can be seen anywhere. A dozen turkey vultures circle overhead looking for dead and decayed salmon floating in the American River. Ducks swim peacefully near the riverbank. Water is green and still.

All morning activity takes place at the boat launch ramp where three dead salmon lay at the end on the right side.

Canada Geese swim in, ducks swim in and pigeons fly in close behind me. What a loud noise their wings create when pigeons rise up and fly away! Sounds like heavy wind blowing on loose ends of plastic tarps. Ducks waddle up the boat launch ramp looking at me and waiting for food. Link to the post Ducks Waddle to watch them retreat calmly back into the water.

Seagulls circle overhead and land. One seagull claims its territory and chases away intruders. It perches upon a rock and calls out. I always wonder what the gulls say when they call out. Now it appears their call is claiming the space as theirs.

Link to the post, Guarding my Claim to watch this seagull chase away competitors for his meal.

Today I brought sliced grapes to share with the geese and ducks. Ducks have always gobbled them up. I throw out handfuls and no one approaches. The Canada Geese sniff and ignore them. The seagulls are eager to try them and eat a few. Most are left lying on the ramp for another time when the waterfowl decide it is time for a snack.