Nature Writing & Journals






Four weekly, in-person, 2-hour field study sessions to build skills and knowledge. 

One 90-minute online session.

More Details coming soon!

Celebrate the beauty of nature and stories of place and purpose through peaceful observation, acute sensory awareness, creative expression and discussion. Participants are invited to write and/or draw their experiences as we enjoy guided walks, readings and discussion.
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Participant Responses
“I’ve been going to the river weekly and sometimes twice a week. I find being at the water to be uplifting …Your introduction to observing and drawing what you see is interesting and opened my awareness to more. I’m glad to have met you and taken your mini-seminar.”
Nanci Kuzins, Fall 2020.
Carrying my nature journal gives me a focus when I am outside. I can look back on it. I have something to look forward to.”
“I write what is “inside” and outside.”
“I enjoy writing in my Journal as a way to express my experiences.”
“Nature is a wonderful companion!”          
Participants, Spring 2021