Nature Journals: A Sensory Awareness Experience





            Slow Down, Enjoy the Beauty and Wonders  of Nature

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  • One Session: 2 hours Online   $20
  • Four Sessions, 2 hours each In person outdoors      $75 local to Sacramento only

Bring a blank journal or sketchbook to enjoy these nature walks, talks, and writing activities, as we celebrate the beauty of nature and a sense of place through observation and creative expression. Janice invites participants to slow down and activate our senses – smell, touch, sight, and hearing – as we walk, stop, listen, and watch. We will discuss relationships and changes in wildlife and landscape over time. We pose questions, record insights, and sketch. She will share several different types of nature journal techniques and provide handouts with writing prompts.

As the author of Mornings on Fair Oaks Bridge, Watching Wildlife on the Lower American River, Janice draws from these first person narratives and photography to guide students to share their own experiences. Janice began posting blogs that later transformed into a self-published book and a dozen podcasts.

Participant Reviews

“I’ve been going to the river weekly and sometimes twice a week. I find being at the water to be uplifting …Your introduction to observing and drawing what you see is interesting and opened my awareness to more. I’m glad to have met you and taken your mini-seminar.”
Nanci Kuzins, Fall 2020.
Carrying my nature journal gives me a focus when I am outside. I can look back on it. I have something to look forward to.”
“I write what is “inside” and outside.”
“I enjoy writing in my Journal as a way to express my experiences.”
“Nature is a wonderful companion!”          
Participants, Spring 2021