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Nature Detectives

Search for clues     Discover wildlife     Nature Study & Journals

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What is the sound of rain? A waterfall? Can we hear the sound of mist as it moves through the forest? Can we see wind blowing? Why do ducks dance in the river?

Nature Detectives is a new series of individual or weekly hour long programs designed for curious minds who enjoy problem solving, recording clues, asking questions, drawing and noting observations in handmade field journals. Listen to spoken word “Stories of the Wild,” folktales, tall tales, multicultural tales and real life stories. Learn to tell and share your own stories and songs.

Nature Detectives is an ideal choice for after school activities, home school courses, camps, birthday parties and special events.                 Custom programs available on request.

Contact Janice at (916) 965-5246 or to learn more or schedule your next event. Click here to find resources and read blog posts  that describe other ways to connect your child with the outdoor world.

Program Opportunities

Wildlife and Wild Things (link to sample flier here)

Touch and learn about creatures living in seashells, secrets of pinecones, share stories of adventures in the wild (and how to stay safe) and finish this 4-weeks with looking at photos and objects outside to imagine the possibilities of what else they can be.

Spring Fantasies (link to sample flier here)

What song does a bird sing? Can we find a nest? Or make one? Where do caterpillars hide? Where do butterflies fly? Use magnifying glasses to study buds, shoots and leaves.
Why are leaves green instead of purple? Look with new eyes as we walk the Alphabet Trail, looking for objects, tree branches and other things holding letter shapes.

“Stories of the Wild” to learn and share

Tall tales, folktales and true life stories of creatures living in the wild. Discover their origin. Share your wildlife encounters and have fun practicing storytelling skills.

Nature in My Neighborhood

Search for hidden clues around the neighborhood to discover evidence about weather, wind, clouds and critters.

…And more to come!