Studying John Muir and Nature

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“Nothing goes unrecorded. Every word of leaf and snowflake and particle of dew… as well as earthquake and avalanche, is written down in Nature’s book.”

Through the Eyes of John Muir is a teacher’s guide derived from field trip program originally designed as a project for the John Muir National Historic Site in collaboration with park interpretive staff. 

The book presents engaging hands-on lessons, field studies and investigations, stories and games.

  • Curriculum meets Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards 
  • Inquiry-based lessons to orient students to John Muir’s life,
  • Hands on opportunities for site-based field studies and thematic ranger led tours, and
  • Classroom and out of school projects that engage students in learning about community history and modern day Muirs; and practice advocacy and environmental stewardship.

Students learn by seeing through the eyes of Muir’s own life and actions. They can hold him as a role model for environmental stewardship, scientific research and timeless values concerning the natural world. Muir represents an iconic symbol to individuals around the world – in history and contemporary times – who struggle and persevere to make the world a better place for all.

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I love using this resource in my class.” Kimberly K P.


“Awesome resource for CA History. So many engaging activities. My students especially enjoyed The Who Am I? activity, the fill in the blank reading passage and the 7 rules for enjoying the outdoors!”     Nina M,


Inspired By John Muir is the personalized student reader/journal version of the teacher’s guide. This book includes a brief biography of Muir and additional activities. 

“Muir’s list shows us the importance to enjoy and protect the places we love; and this book does a wonderful job of teaching the many ways we can all celebrate and experience nature. A must have for any lover of the great outdoors.”     Robert Hanna, great-great-grandson of John Muir

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