Sacramento Tree Foundation LEAF Steward Program

LEAFTraining Program Manager. Launched, designed, delivered and evaluated a series of 8-week LEAF Steward Urban Forestry Training Program for adult volunteers (Leading Education And urban Forestry). The LEAF Steward program combined lecture/discussion with featured subject matter expert speakers, hands-on learning opportunities, field studies and writing the fully illustrated curriculum reference guide shown. Download  program fact sheet here.

The LEAF Steward program was developed as a leadership capacity building initiative to expand organization outreach at events, conduct tree plantings, and provide tree care and placement advice to the public. Received the Best Urban Forestry Education Program of the Year in 2009 from CA Urban Forests Council.

Janice impressed me immediately with her ability to articulate a vision through curriculum development and delivery. Her work with our LEAF (Leading Education and Awareness of Urban Forestry) was stellar. We provided her with our ideas and she ran with it!             Jody McKay, former Chief Financial Officer, Sacramento Tree Foundation



Sense of Place

Every “place” has distinctive characteristics that set it apart from somewhere else. A sense of place is character, setting, mood, people, landscape and senses. Uniformity and sameness is “absent” when defining sense of place.

Listed below is a set of questions to help define a sense of place in a neighborhood, park, historic site, national or state park, or a one-of-a-kind restaurant. A bakery located on a main street with traffic buzzing by will offer a sense of place far different from the bakery nestled in a quiet neighborhood, known only to residents and friends.

  • Who are the people who have lived in this place? (today and many yesterdays)
  • What are the sounds of this place?
  • What are the smells?
  • What are the activities?
  • What is the weather? (today and through time)
  • What are the unique characteristics about this place that sets it apart from another places?
  • What is the landscape of this location?

Spend an hour to reflect, write, and reel in your senses to define a unique sense of place.