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    One of more than 100 narratives describing California State Historical Landmarks. Argonaut, Kennedy and Eureka Mines were one of the largest gold producers during the California Gold Rush.

Writer ~ Community Engagement ~ Public Programs ~ Naturalist

Forging meaningful connections to the outdoor world by helping create stories of place and purpose for organizations, groups and individuals.

~    When others see a place, I listen for its stories.
~    When others see plants and trees, I watch life in motion.
~    I invite others to be curious and ask questions as the doorway to a better understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the outdoor world.
I work with land trusts, conservancies, parks and open spaces, historic sites and museums, organized groups, schools and the public to inspire active participation in the world outside and build meaningful story connections and interpretive programs one voice at a time.  Stories that highlight people, places and wildlife, so all things can thrive.

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Writing, publications and online media. Link here to preview samples.
Interpretive and other public programs, projects and special events.  Link here to preview samples.