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    Gold miners in Plumas County, California held the first ski competitions in North America. Learn more hidden history of Gold Rush towns of the Sierra Nevada Region. Visit www.sierranevadageotourism.org.

Inform ~ Engage ~ Inspire

Janice works with organizations, groups, schools and the public to inspire active participation in the world outside and build meaningful connections between people, places and wildlife, so that all things can thrive.

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A deep appreciation for the outdoor world

Her work is grounded in the concept that deep appreciation for the outdoor world can lead to environmental stewardship and sustainability, and better health and wellness for all.

Inspiring programs and written materials

Janice develops and implements inspiring hands on learning experiences, tours, and staff training programs. She creates written materials and photography for print and online media. Janice also works with organizations to seek grants and develop related information that advances organization goals for environmental education and sustainability.