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    One of more than 100 narratives describing California State Historical Landmarks. Argonaut, Kennedy and Eureka Mines were one of the largest gold producers during the Gold Rush in California.

Inform ~ Engage ~ Inspire

As a writer, naturalist and program consultant, Janice Kelley helps outdoor focused organizations tell their stories and create meaningful connections with their target audiences  – to inform, educate, engage and inspire action.

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Walkers, cyclists and boaters enjoy the serenity of sunrise on the American River at Fair Oaks Bridge.


Tell Your Story

Share the characteristics of your community, place or organization using a variety of print and online media: feature stories, informational brochures, interpretive media products, blogs, photography or video.

Original photo posted on Mornings on Fair Oaks Bridge – Shimmering Water at Sunrise.


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Developing meaningful connections with the outdoor world through inquiry-based learning.


Engage Your Audience

Establish community outreach program goals, marketing strategies & promotion from concept through implementation and evaluation. Special expertise in youth, adult and family public programs.




American River, flooded, water, riverbank
Flooding caused by changing climate


Address Key Concerns

Research, write and edit special reports, fact sheets and other forms of communication that can increase audience understanding of key environmental challenges, and economic and cultural impacts ~ and inspire positive action.