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    "Through the Eyes of John Muir~Practices in Environmental Stewardship" A field studies curriculum guide for grades three and four.

    Inspiring Meaningful Connections to Place Through  Exploration ~ Interpretation ~ Writing ~ Art

What is it about your place that gives it meaning?  Who makes those decisions?

A place features unique qualities that sets it apart from any other –  its history and core purpose, people, culture, landscapes and architecture.  When we value our individual and collective connections to place, we create an opportunity for everything to thrive.

Approach to Work

Janice brings experience working in a wide range of disciplines including education, community engagement, recreation, health services and the arts.  She can contribute her lifelong experience as a writer with skills in interpretation, leading groups, and  program management to any project.

Her combination of skills, experience, and insight provides a more holistic approach when identifying how to create meaningful experiences and outcomes for visitors, volunteers, educators and students.  She works collaboratively with clients to problem solve and delivers high quality work that meets expectations and deadlines.

Areas of Expertise

      • InterpretationInterpretive writing , podcasts, video, walks & spoken word Stories in the Wild
      • Experiential Learning. Nature Detectives – Exploring the Outdoor World (K-3rd grade) and Life Writing & Nature Study Workshops for adults
      • Writing. Outdoor Recreation & Travel, and Nature / Health Connection