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    Spring newsletter feature for John Muir Land Trust welcomes visitors to Fernandez Ranch in Martinez to enjoy scenic views and wildflowers.

Writer –  Conversations – Stories – Programs

Janice presents captivating storytelling – in person, online and in print, to capture audience attention and create a meaningful experience for the viewer, visitor, reader and student.

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With a passion for connecting people to the outdoor world, she extends an invitation for people of all age to  discover, experience, learn, play, be inspired and filled with awe. Nature is where we “re-create” ourselves, revitalize our energy, reduce stress, and engage our senses.

Describe the value of meaningful relationships to places.

~  Words, images, our senses and emotions, are crafted into feature stories, fact sheets, brochures, blogs, newsletters, guides, interpretive writing and special research reports. Books and resources for children, adults and educators provide inspiration, engage creativity, and pathways to nature study and connection.
~  Lead creative writing & arts workshops to share our stories; poetry & images of special places and their impact on our lives.

Activities to improve health & wellness.

~  Nature observation walks, journaling and study open the door to our hearts and minds to improve health, mindfulness, and personal connections to nature. Download the Heart of Nature Observation guide to capture the stories and wisdom that writers draw from the land in a specific space and time.

Play a role in preserving wild places so everything can thrive.

~  Demonstrate connections between people, places and wildlife; value of watersheds and forests, and functions of an ecosystem. By seeing with new eyes, teach how to read clues in our landscapes; so we can see and understand how and why they have changed over time.
~  Engage in Nature Detectives programs and community science projects to enjoy outdoor FUN, build knowledge and life skills for individuals, children and families.
~  Show respect and concern for the places we visit and the landowners of yesterday and today.

  “Janice impressed me immediately with her ability to articulate our vision through curriculum development and delivery. Her work with our LEAF (Leading Education and Awareness of Urban Forestry) volunteer training program was stellar. We provided her with our ideas and she ran with it!”

Jody McKay,  formerly  Chief Financial Officer, Sacramento Tree Foundation

All photos displayed on this website are original taken by Janice Kelley during nature observation walks, with the  exception of California Historical Landmark photos featured in the slider at top of this page.