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    Gold miners in Plumas County, California held the first ski competitions in North America. Learn more hidden history of Gold Rush towns of the Sierra Nevada Region. Visit www.sierranevadageotourism.org.

    Inspiring Meaningful Connections to Place Through  Exploration ~ Interpretation ~ Writing ~ Art

What is it about a place that gives it meaning? How do we capture a sense of place in words, stories or images? Listen to podcasts from Janice’s book, Mornings on Fair Oaks Bridge, to hear how she captures the essences of this special place at the American River.

Working with Organizations

Janice brings a lifetime of experience as a writer and project manager to create destination marketing materials, feature stories, blogs, and interpretive products. Her observations and insights about capturing the meaning of places leads to creating meaningful experiences and outcomes for visitors, volunteers, educators and students.

Areas of Expertise

Writing. Outdoor Recreation & Travel, and Nature / Health Connection
Interpretive Writing. Podcasts, video, walks & spoken word Stories in the Wild


Workshops & Programs for Individuals & Families

A series of programs for children, families and individuals to inspire creative writing, capturing life stories, and engaging in nature study and observation.  Building on the awareness of place and time, these programs combine the disciplines of science, writing and art to elevate sensory awareness and reflection to a new level.


Children and Families Nature Detectives  outdoor experience program. Link goes to a separate website featuring program information, blogs, activities & resources.
~NEW~ Adult Series: Inspired by NatureLife Reflections Through Story & Art, and Joy of Writing.