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    Seagull guards its salmon during the fall run on the American River - photo from the book and blog post "Mornings on Fair Oaks Bridge"

When others see a place, I listen for its stories.                                                                             When others see plants and trees, I see life in motion.                                                              I engage communities one voice at a time.

I work with land trusts, conservancies, parks and open spaces, museums, organized groups, schools and the public to inspire active participation in the world outside and build meaningful connections between your people, places and wildlife, so all things can thrive.


Need a partner with exceptional project management and organizational skills?

Contact me for writing projects, community engagement & outreach, education & interpretive programs, or to seek grant funding to meet your goals and bring your voice forward:

        • Inform, engage and inspire your audience
        • Increase tourism and recreation 
        • Create awareness & understanding of the natural world
        • Promote environmental sustainability