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Life Reflections in Story & Art

Capture the diverse stories of our lives using structured prompts and mind maps. In 4-6 weekly sessions, we write about frozen moments in time, personal and family stories, objects and collectibles, food memories, travel and adventures (real or imagined) and more. Our work blends writing, art, sketching and photography to create memory books, different forms of journals or framed art.

Classes available in person and online.


Inspired by Nature – Nature Journal workshops

Walks, talks & writing celebrate the beauty of nature  through peaceful observation, creative expression and place-based study. Learn and use different styles and practices for Nature Journals. Features 4-6 weekly sessions that build on skills and knowledge.

“I’ve been going to the river weekly and sometimes twice a week during this time. I find being at the water to be uplifting …Your introduction to observing and drawing what you see is interesting and opened my awareness to more. I’m glad to have met you and taken your mini-seminar.”
      Nanci Kuzins, attendee Fall 2020.
 Additional participants comments — Having my nature journal when I am outside gives me a focus when I am outside. I can look back on it. I have something to look forward to…I write what is “inside” and outside. ..Nature is a wonderful companion.