Janice Kelley, writer, interpretation, education, programs, nature, outdoor world “When others see a place, I listen for its stories.  When others see plants and trees, I watch life in motion. I invite others to be curious and ask questions as the doorway to a better understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the outdoor world.”

Janice collaborates with your team for writing, community engagement and interpretive projects  – as a partner and “go to” resource or works independently in the background. She helps define and share the stories and experiences you want to create for stakeholders, viewers, visitors, and other key audiences. She brings a unique ability to capture a sense of place through presentations, narratives and images that create memorable experiences and inspire individuals to build lasting connections between people, places and wildlife ~ that leads to community stewardship and sustainability.

Janice consistently exceeds expectations from concept through implementation and evaluation – including research, interviews, writing, program design and delivery, community outreach, print and online media, and event logistics. Janice’s passion for the outdoor world and sharing the stories of people, places and wildlife, combined with her creative and engaging style stimulates the imagination and curiosity across the life span.

In Spring of 2020, she joined Greenschoolyards to take an active role in 2 of 12 working groups as they created guidelines and resources for the National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative. This initiative supports outdoor learning during the Pandemic and beyond.

Education & Training
  • Master of Science degree – Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration, California State University Sacramento, 2013.        Received Faculty Award of Merit.
  • Certified Interpretive Guide
  • Certified Interpretive Planner training
  • National Association of Interpretation
  • American Association of Environmental Educators
  • National Storytelling Network