Chilly Mornings, Shorter Days and Beautiful Sunrises

    Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 635 am

Fair Oaks Bridge, American River, water, sunrise, morning, colors, pinkClouds that blanketed the sky last night are gone. A few scattered brush strokes of color hang in the sky glowing with morning light as the sun rises behind them.

I left home at 635 and see brightness to the west just now rising over neighboring trees. Streets are dark. My car windshield is covered with drops from misty air. I wear my hooded sweatshirt again this morning, long pants and warm socks. This morning’s temperature is 51 degrees. I drive with headlights into the Village. In the 10 minutes it takes me to reach the bridge, the sky is bright and daylight fills the sky. All traces of night have vanished.

roosters, Fair Oaks, Fair Oaks Village, Fair Oaks Park, morning, chickenThe symphony presented by Fair Oaks roosters is especially loud as I arrive in the Village. Groups of roosters hiding in trees are crowing as loudly as possible. None of them have yet to leave their sleeping posts to patrol the village streets and park.

One group of roosters crow and another responds from distant trees. They sing without the benefit of a lead conductor.

Fishing boats were already here long before I arrive. One late comer drops his boat down the ramp as I walk on the bridge. The same two women – both wearing warm, woolen hats and one with a plaid shawl walk by and say “good morning.”

The air chills my hands. Soon I will need to bring gloves. As the sun warms the morning, pigeons quietly circle the bridge and arrive to settle for a nap. A small group of ducks is out for a leisurely swim. Canada Geese arrive honking.

egret-reflectionAn egret sits on the boat launch ramp. Sensing my approach, it slowly and gracefully flies to the opposite shore to continue its solitude. 

More boats arrive. The sun rises above the trees in the east as cloud cover moves into the western sky. These are my clues to return home as they day begins.