Wrapped in Fog

Saturday November 11, 2017, 49 degrees 645 am

fog, morning, American River, Fair Oaks, Fair Oaks Bridge,
Entering the bridge from north side

Thick fog wraps everything with a soft, white, layer of chilled air and moisture.

The American River is barely visible standing on Fair Oaks Bridge. Shoreline on both the east and west sides have disappeared. Dew attached to spider webs sparkles like jewels. Sounds are muffled in thick fog. The bridge  drips with moisture. A single runner emerges through the fog and crosses the bridge.

spider web, Fair Oaks Bridge, American River,fog
Morning dew illuminates the details of spider webs

I wonder why there are always more spider webs on the east side of the bridge then the west? The position of the sun, direction of the wind or that spiders favor the east side for another reason? I photograph a dozen webs – these miracles of geometry illuminated by drops of dew clinging to the strands.

The resident chickens on Bridge Street are out early scavenging for food. One pearly white seagull flies gracefully over the bridge. More gulls call out and cross an invisible river. One hour later, the intensity of the fog decreased by least half. A heavy mist continues to bathe the river and landscape until after noon.

morning fog, fair oaks bridge, fog
View from the boat launch ramp