Sharing a Salmon

Sunday, December 30, 2017 830 am, 45 degrees

salmon, Fair Oaks Bridge, feeding, Fair Oaks Bluffs, seagull, Muscovy duck, Mallard, American River, water, writing, nature, outdoor recreation,
How did this salmon get to the boat ramp?

My last stop is the boat launch ramp to check for morning wildlife activity. I find a partially eaten salmon lying at the end of the ramp. How did it get here? How long has it been here? Why did everyone wait until I arrive to eat it?

With plenty of meat left, the salmon captures the attention of two seagulls and two ducks. They take turns tearing at the salmon. Their strategies to tear apart the remains differ from gentle poking to serious ripping. In the end, they all get something to eat – except one seagull. The ducks eat first, then the seagull drags the salmon into the river while the other gull wails and complains.

salmon, seagull, American River, feeding, Fair Oaks Bridge, Fair Oaks Bluffs, Muscovy duck,
Enough to share with everyone
feeding, salmon, Muscovy duck, American River, Fair Oaks Bridge, Fair Oaks Bluffs, seagull, morning, writing, nature, outdoors
The Muscovy duck works the hardest, spending five minutes pulling and scooping meat from the salmon underside.