How Much Can 1,000 Goats Eat?

Friday, July 27, 2018   930 am, 75 degrees

goats, Fair Oaks Bridge, Bannister Park, American RiverMore than 1,000 goats crowd a field overrun with dry weeds and grass alongside the access road to the American River Parkway near Jim’s Bridge. Sacramento County employees brought 1,000 goats in trailers. Men are busy installing the wired fence enclosure as I pass by. Goats will munch on weeds for the next 10 days. Today they look bewildered. “What are we doing here?” Most of them have not started eating yet.


rafts, American River, Bannister Park, Fair Oaks, water, play, fun, recreationWhen I arrive minutes later at Jim’s Bridge, nearly 100 rafters are waiting. Their rafts ready to launch for a day of fun on the river and shooting water cannons.

rafts, American River, water, fun, play, summer, Fair Oaks, Jim's Bridge





Six Canada Geese are gathered near the boat ramp by Fair Oaks Bridge for a morning meeting. Shortly after I arrive, they rise out of the water and fly away.  I will watch to identify their movements next time I stand closer and discover how they lift themselves out of the water and take flight.