A Place For Peaceful Contemplation

Saturday, November 26, 2016  715 am 48 degrees

Great Blue Heron, Fair Oaks Bridge, mornings, wildlife, peaceful, waterfowl, American River
The Great Blue Heron steps carefully through the water searching for breakfast.

Two seagulls soar over the bridge as I approach. I spy the Egret on the west side looking for breakfast taking very careful steps in the water. Even gifted with three long toes to navigate over the rocks and sand, both the Egret and Great Blue Heron both walk slowly and carefully, contemplating each step.

The Egret quietly spreads its wings and gracefully flies across the river to the opposite bank. Two Canada Geese fly in quietly. On these cold mornings, the wildlife arrive slowly, spending a longer time hiding in the shrubs to keep warm. I wear gloves, a jacket and will keep my visit short on this cold, clear morning. Very few people walk or ride the bridge so far.

ducks, American River, water, wildlife, waterfowl, peaceful, Fair Oaks Bridge, mornings
Three ducks begin their morning swim.

Even in the chill, as my hands and body stiffen, and cool air crosses my face, I find an inner peace and joy from watching the daily activities of wildlife at the river – the elegant flight of the seagulls, the Egret and the Great Blue Heron. I listen carefully for distant sounds of Canada Geese approaching and follow their path as they fly over my head. I smile when hearing ducks quacking and complaining. I watch them splashing and chasing each other away.

The geese tend to be the biggest bullies of all, often chasing away the ducks getting in their way of being fed. 

When I am away from this peaceful setting, I hold these images with me as a peaceful place to pause for a few moments and feel gratitude for the natural beauty in our outdoor world.